Tom was born to build. Starting at the age of 12, Tom built his own wood shop in his parents’ back yard. Utilizing the raw materials found in the local environment, Tom recognized from a very young age that wood had many beautiful facets. Through those early years of self-study, he identified that wood had an abundance of physical and aesthetic qualities. His passion and eagerness to learn has allowed Tom to grow from an interested 12 year old boy into a master professional craftsman.

With passion brings opportunities. In Tom’s early professional life, he became an apprentice to Frank Klausz. Frank Klausz is a master cabinetmaker from Hungary who specializes in the tradition of European masters. Under Frank Klausz’s tutelage, Tom developed the ability to create original designs and turn wood into museum-quality creations. Tom’s work can now be found in many exquisite homes, many of those homes being in Manhattan, the Hamptons, and Shelter Island. In addition, Tom’s woodwork is displayed both in the Hudson River Maritime Museum and the New Jersey Capitol Building.

Through Tom’s experience, his ability to network with other professionals has become second nature. Tom has built professional relationships with some of the world’s most talented designers and architects. Through these relationships, Tom’s vision to design has become more sophisticated, intricate, and flawless.

After years of professional experience and growth, Tom remains the humble student with a continued eagerness to learn and develop. Whether it is customizing furniture, remodeling a kitchen, reconstructing a bathroom, or transitioning wood into a delicate musical instrument, Tom will develop a masterpiece. His level of artistry and craftsmanship is what brings unique wooden masterpieces into any home and/or office.